Resume Services

The professional team of writers at Recon Partners specializes in over 20 different job industries and they work round the clock to give their clients and customers the highest quality cover letter and resume writing services. Recon Partners is well-versed with all industry secrets and they will give you a variety of professional resume writing services that will help you secure the job of your dreams Recon Partners is the market leader in resume writing services on the internet.
When you assume that you have a good resume, there are chances that you will not get results out of it. Recon Partners will provide you with a resume that will generate 100% results for you. Our team will take your resume to the next level by fine tuning it to match your career objectives with your employer’s requirements. You have the option of choosing whether to have your resume rewritten or built from scratch. The end result will be a resume that is destined to bring you great success. Most of our team members comprise of former HR managers and professional resume writers. Together, they have the expertise and experience to ensure that your resume has all the right characteristics and features. Our services will provide you with a resume that helps you get noticed amongst the crowd and win approvals of different recruiters and employers.

Interview Do's And Dont's

  • Pre knowledge is must. Gather the information about the organization beforehand itself
  • Punctuality leads to success. Arrive 10-15 minutes early prior to the interview
  • Focus on the non- verbal communication skills – eye contact, handshakes, no giggling or frowning
  • Be true to yourself while answering the interview panel
  • Don’t fumble when you don’t know the answer be straightforward to answer that you have no idea
  • Be courteous to thank the interviewer after it’s over
  • Never be pessimistic towards the previous employer
  • No ambiguity. Be specific
  • No chewing of gums, smoking, eating, biting of nails
  • Never raise the issues of salary packages, leaves, notice period at the time of interview
  • Keep your phone on silent mode
  • Don’t be rude or rowdy towards the interviewer